• November 24, 2012

    Is Israel Immoral to Retaliate Against Gaza?

    Daily Beast

    In the tragic saga that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the lopsided casualty rate in this past week's campaign yet again presents an enormous moral dilemma for the Jewish state. Going just by the numbers?with more than 150 Palestinians killed, compared with a mere six Israelis it doesn't appear to be a fair fight.

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  • November 20, 2012

    He Himself Was A Sprawling Symphony: Remembering Isaiah Sheffer, the artistic director of Symphony Space and quintessential Jewish New Yorker

    Jewish Week

    There is a certain kind of Jewish New Yorker whose outsize personality can barely be contained within the contours of this island. Some of them, in fact, for this very reason end up leaving New York for wider spaces. Barbra Streisand (more later) immediately comes to mind.

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