• September 16, 2015

    On Auschwitz Showers and Normalcy

    Times of Israel

    The guardians of Holocaust memory worked up a furious sweat earlier this week with news that outdoor misting stations were installed at Auschwitz to cool off visitors waiting in the baking sun to get into a place better known as hell on Earth.

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  • September 9, 2015

    Ehud Barak's Truth

    Jerusalem Post

    Former defense minister Ehud Barak has the distinction of being the most decorated soldier in Israeli history.

    Whether he possesses equal gravitas as Israel’s teller of tales out of school is another story.

    Nevertheless, he may have recently exposed more than just state secrets; this former general may have revealed Israel’s modern-day Achilles heel: the price of becoming a regional power and a sidekick to Silicon Valley was a diminished appetite for military heroics and a more sober and deliberate assessment of regional strength.

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