• November 22, 2021

    Kyle Rittenhouse and the Ticking of the Racial Clock

    Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

    Not that Tik Tok! Do I look like I lip-sync and choreograph dance moves?

    I mean the ticking clock—the racial time bomb we live with each day. Many anticipated an explosion following the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, handed down on Friday. Rittenhouse killed two men and severely wounded another in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The jury found that h­­­e­­ acted in self-defense, and acquitted him of all five charges.

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  • November 8, 2021

    It's Time for Jewish Democrats to Ditch the Hard Left

    Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

    The recent gubernatorial election in Virginia, with its upset win by a Republican upstart against a pillar of the Democratic establishment, is being discussed as a harbinger of election cycles to come. 

    Don’t bet on it.

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